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Precast Concrete Light Pole Base – LPB

Fast, easy and efficient installation

LPB is produced in a controlled environment ensuring quality and consistency. Our product is backed by a team with the knowledge and resources to make your next project a success.

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Concrete Light Pole Base, When it comes to engineering, We’ve done the hard part!

  • Independent testing of the LPB Anchoring System has been completed along with third party review
  • Comprehensive Engineering Reference Manual that outlines the concrete light pole base design process
  • Design tables for our precast light pole base available for quick reference
  • All the tools necessary for industry engineers to quickly verify project specific concrete light pole base designs
precast light pole base

Our Light Pole Base Appearance Options

precast concrete light pole base with chamfer

LPB Classic

The LPB Classic, as the name implies, is the classic light pole base finish. This precast light pole base has a 1" chamfer around the top with a smooth finish on the sides.

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precast concrete light pole base with round-over

LPB Legacy

The LPB Legacy is a simple, smooth finished precast light pole base product. Around the top, there is a a slight taper and round-over that has been created.

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precast concrete light pole base with chamfer and flared top

LPB Flare

The LPB Flare combines aesthetics and performance into one product. This precast light pole base has chamfered lines and an 8” cap around the top creating its unique appearance.

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