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LPB has simplified concrete light pole base installation. In addition to the universal features, which allows LPB it to be an in-stock product, precast LPBs are the some of the fastest, easiest and the most efficient light pole bases to install. Cast-in-place bases, which are typical in many areas, require more onsite labor, waiting on material, and good weather conditions than a precast foundation. To see just how easy light pole base installation can be, check out our Installation Video. If you are looking for more information, our Installation Manual will guide you through each step in the installation process.

Setting Up the LPB Anchoring System

One of the primary features of the LPB light pole foundation is the adjustable anchoring system. The slotted anchoring system can accommodate light poles with a required bolt circle diameter ranging from 7.5 inches to 13.5 inches. Additionally, each LPB foundation that you buy comes with an Installation Hardware Set that includes all of the nuts, washers, and anchoring rods that you need to setup the anchoring system and install the light pole. With LPB, you no longer need to supply the j-bolts to your light pole base producer – they supply the hardware to you! Check out our Where To Buy page to get LPB light pole bases for your next project.

Need to analyze an LPB for site specific conditions? Request our free LPB Analysis Tool to get started today!