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If you’ve got questions about LPB or your next light pole base project we’re here to help. From engineering to installation we’ve got you covered! Our knowledgeable staff, along with our variety of tools make LPB a quick value add to any site lighting project.

LPB – A Division of ReCon
7600 W 27th St # 229, Minneapolis, MN 55426
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About Us

LPB is a division of ReCon Wall Systems, Inc. In 2013, with the goal to reinvent and simplify a made to order product, we started developing the technology and formwork required to make a universal precast light pole foundation. Shortly thereafter, two patents for the adjustable anchor bolt and universal conduit pathway system were issued. Since that time we have worked to build our network of producers and provide a product that is quickly becoming the future of precast light pole bases! Need some LPBs for your next project? Check out our Where To Buy page and contact one of our licensed producers.

Experienced Light Pole Base Team

light pole management

Al Pfannenstein


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light pole foundation sales and engineering

Michael S. Klotthor, PE

Director of Engineering and Sales

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light pole base support

Bill Henzler

Support Manager

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